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Tile installation and flooring removal

If you are thinking of hiring a tile contractor near Cape Town or Stellenbosch to do professional tile installation in your home or office, you’ve come to the right place. Big T Tilers installs all sizes, shapes and types of ceramic, porcelain, marble, travertine, granite and engineered stone tiles in residential and offices.

Kitchen Tiling Cape Town and Stellenbosch

Kitchen Tiling

We are fully experienced in renovating kitchens, installing backsplashes, flooring and countertops and will work with you to turn your kitchen into a showpiece of style and taste.

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Bathroom Tiling

Let us take the stress out of your next bathroom renovation project. From flooring removal to the installation of tiles and flooring to create a relaxing sanctuary in your home.

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Whether it’s a new office or existing office renovation, our tiling experts will work efficiently to ensure they transform your office floors and walls to make your office feel like home.

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From bathroom to kitchen floors and walls we transform home and offices with a full array of services including flooring removal and tile installations. We collaborate with property owners and general contractors who want to boost attractiveness of their residential and office interiors. Follow our easy 3 step process to get a tiling quotation and commission your project with us.

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How to measure floor area for tiling?

To measure your floor area for tiling measure the length of the shorter wall and the length of the longer wall and note down the measurements in meters, e.g. 3.2m and 6.0m. It is simple to work out the area. Take your two measurements and calculate the following: length of shorter wall x length of longer wall – 3.2 x 6.0 = 19.2m2.

We also recommend you to add in a wastage allowance, otherwise known as overage. A 10% extra as being sufficient to cover wastage, cuts and human error. To add 10% to your total area, multiply the area – 16 x 1.1 = 21.12m2

How to measure wall area for tiling?

Even though walls are rectangular in shape they’re not so easy to measure due to windows, doors and any fixed features such as cabinets and boilers that need to be accounted for in your measurements.

The most convenient way to do this is to first calculate the area of the entire wall and then subtract the area of any doors and windows. In this way, you only measure the section of the wall that you wish to tile. For window areas you will need to take into account the distance the tiles return into the reveal.